AC Services

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AC Services

If you live near the NC coastline and need AC work done, you can count on Coastal Home Services of North Carolina and our licensed and insured AC technicians. As always, we offer a 15 minute response time and our 24-hour emergency service line.

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Our AC Work Services

Coastal Home Services has been doing HVAC installation and repair for several decades.  If you live near Morehead City, NC and need HVAC or electrical work done in your home, call Coastal Home Services. Here are just a few of the AC services that we can provide you at Coastal Home Services.

AC Installation

Regardless of your situation, our team of experienced technicians at Coastal Home Services in Morehead City, North Carolina is ready to help.  We are able to replace your current AC system and install a newer, more efficient system for you.

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Annual Maintenance

It is important to keep your AC system well maintained. Our Annual Preventative Maintenance Plan will provide you with peace of mind that your system will be routinely serviced to prevent any unexpected problems with your heating and cooling system.

In the long run, this will not only make your central air work more efficiently, it could save you money.



100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Customer Satisfaction is our number one priority, but if you are unsatisfied, we promise to correct any issues related to our work at no cost.

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