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Electrical Panel Repair Service Locations

Here at Coastal Home Services, located in Morehead City, NC, we offer our customers electrical panel repair services. If you are having issues with your electricity, there may be an issue with your electrical panel. If you are located in North Carolina, contact CHS if you are having issues with your circuit breakers, panel wiring, or any fuse box issues. We offer our services to most of  eastern NC, but our frequent visits include the following locations:

  • Morehead City
  • Emerald Isle
  • Atlantic Beach
  • Beaufort
  • Havelock
  • Swansboro

Electrical Panel Issues

If you are having issues with the electrical panel in your home, you will most likely experience light switches that don’t work, wall outlets that have no power, or appliances that won’t turn on. These are all common household electrical issues and many can be traced back to your electrical panel.

If you happen to inspect your electrical panel and notice something looks wrong, here are some common issues that could be the cause of electrical problems in your house.


If your electrical panel is exposed to water or humidity, corrosion and rust can occur. If you open your electrical panel and notice that there are signs of corrosion, you should contact a professional to have your system looked at right away. Corrosion on your electrical panel can lead to malfunctions in your electrical systems.

Double Tapped Breakers

A double-tapped breaker is an instance that occurs when a previous electrician has attached two wires to a single breaker. If you notice that this is the instance you are dealing with, you will want to contact a professional to fix the problem. This situation can cause the wires to weaken over time and could potentially start fires if it is not dealt with appropriately.

Overcrowded Breakers

If you open your electrical panel and notice that there are no open spots for new electrical connections this could be an issue. Mostly, homes that have been remodeled at least once will have this problem. New electrical connections may have been implemented in a remodel, overcrowding the electrical panel. When a panel is overcrowded, it may cause electrical problems.

Coastal Home Services Electrical Panel Solutions

Coastal Home Services has been providing Eastern NC residents with HVAC and Electrical services since 2007. We have a licensed electrician on staff allowing us to provide services like electrical panel repair to our customers. We are a locally owned and operated business that takes pride in offering the best customer service as well as excellent electrical solutions. If you are in need of a licensed electrician to look at your electrical panel, don’t hesitate to contact us today via the form below!

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Electrician installing electrical wires and fuse switch box.

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