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The key to unit longevity is maintaining your investment. Keep in tip top shape with regular maintenance.

Whether your air conditioner is making weird noises when turned on, it blows warm air instead of cold, or it doesn’t even turn on, these issues can be frustrating.  If you are having issues with your air conditioning system in your home near the Morehead City, North Carolina area, contact Coastal Home Services for assistance!

Our expert technicians are able to diagnose and fix whatever problems you may have with your air conditioning.  There are many common signs of an air conditioning unit that has stopped working properly.  Once you are aware of these signs, you can keep a close eye out for them.



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  • Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On
  • Air Isn’t Cold
  • Uneven Cooling
  • Water Dripping from Unit
  • Air Conditioner is Making Strange Noises
  • Cooling System has Ice build-up on lines and coils

These are only a few of the many signs that appear when your air conditioner is no longer working properly.  You may also find that you have trouble getting air to the second floor of your home, your AC drain pan is full of water, or an AC fan that keeps running even after you turn it off.  No matter the issue, big or small, we are here to help.

At Coastal Home Services, our Certified Trane Comfort Specialists™ are among the best in the industry and you can depend on them to provide excellent customer service.  We know how important a working air conditioning unit is to your home, especially when the hot summer months come around.

Do not wait until the heat is unbearable to get your air conditioning fixed.  You and your family deserve to stay cool no matter what the weather is like outside.  Living near the coast of North Carolina also means that you will not only experience the summer heat, but your home is exposed to salt air.  There are ways to protect your air conditioning unit from salt air as well.


Sometimes, you may need to replace your air conditioner altogether, rather than simply repairing it.  This usually happens when your air conditioner is getting older.  Your HVAC system should last about 10-15 years, so if it is in that time frame, you may want to consider replacing it.

If you would like, you can even replace your furnace and air conditioner at the same time.  While this sounds expensive and tedious, it will actually end up saving you money down the line.  It is not necessary to replace them at the same time, but can still be helpful.


Customer Satisfaction is our number one priority, but if you are unsatisfied, we promise to correct any issues related to our work at no cost.


When was the last time you had your system tuned up? Our Annual Preventative Maintenance Plan will provide you with peace of mind that your system will be routinely serviced to prevent any unexpected problems with your heating and cooling system. 

In the long run, this will not only make your central air work more efficiently, it could save you money.


If your issue with your air conditioning system is an emergency, you can rest assured knowing about our 15-minute emergency services response time here at Coastal Home Services.  We are committed to our customers, and that is why you will never find yourself charged an overtime rate or additional fees for a service call after hours!


If you are having trouble with your air conditioning unit in the Morehead City, North Carolina area and are looking for repair, contact us here at Coastal Home Services!  One of our trained specialists will assist you with solving the issue and making sure your air conditioning is back up and running again.  Feel free to fill out the contact form below and someone will be in touch with you soon.  We look forward to helping you with all of your air conditioning needs!


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