How To Get Air Conditioning On Second Floor

cool second floor of home

Is your second floor constantly hotter than the first floor of your house? If so, then you need to do something to fix the issue before it gets too hot. How can you effectively cool your second floor, particularly in the summer?

Many homes have a difficult time cooling down the second level, especially in the summertime. This common issue typically results in people blaming their air conditioning system, and still not getting the cool temperature they want. Although it is probably not due to any major issues in your HVAC system, if the problem continues after you do all of these things, there may be an issue. 

Here are several ways that you can attempt to get cooler air to the second floor of your apartment or home:

Different Ways to Cool Down the Second Floors

Close Vents on Lower Floors

Many times, you can easily transfer the airflow of your HVAC from the lower floors of your home to upper levels by closing air vents. If you close the air vents on the first floor of your home, it will allow more pressure to build in your air ducts, forcing the colder air upward. After making sure all downstairs air vents are closed, see if you notice a difference in airflow of the second-floor vents.

Block the Sun

It will help if you close the shades and blinds to block warm light rays that can slightly heat up a room during the day. Heat-blocking shades or blackout curtains are useful in controlling the heat of sun rays that shine into your home. 

Reduce use of lights and appliances

Minimize the usage of appliances that have lots of heat like irons, dishwashers, oven, hairdryer, and stovetops. Even if instruments are available on lower floors, the heat will rise upward.

Insulate and ventilate

You should look into including additional insulation to your roof and attic if the problem continues after you have tried everything else. You can even air seal your attic to minimize heat from seeping in. Having an attic fan helps cool things down by circulating the air up there and minimizing the amount of hot air reaching the 2nd floor.

Change air filters

Changing your air filters is a little thing that can make a significant difference in making your second floor a little bit cooler. If you have not changed your air filters in a while, you may want to have a look at them. The reason is that a dirty filter blocks the flow of cool air.  Another bonus of regularly changing your air filter is that it may also minimize allergens. 

Adjust the fan setting on your thermostat

Switch your system from “auto” to “on”; thus, the blower fan will constantly run and produce a more even mix of air throughout your home. Don’t worry, running the fan does not use a lot of energy. It lowers energy usage, as your HVAC system would not have to cycle as often.

Upgrade or Repair Your HVAC system

If you have tried everything without success, it may be time to have your HVAC system looked at. HVAC systems can last up to 10-15 years, so if it has been a while since the HVAC system in your house has been replaced, you may need a new one. You should have your heating and cooling system professionally looked at if you think that you have an old system.

Coastal Home HVAC

At Coastal Home, we inspect, repair, and replace all your HVAC needs. If you believe that you may need a new system, or if it has been a while since you have had your heating and cooling system serviced, it may be time. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for all your HVAC inquiries!

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