Home Inspection Services

Home Inspection Services

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A homes HVAC and electrical systems can be the most expensive utilities to replace. If you are buying a new home, selling your current home, or just haven’t had these systems looked at by a professional in a while, we can help. Coastal Home Services specializes in HVAC and electrical on the eastern coast of North Carolina. Having a professional visit your home for an inspection is a vital step in having a functional property.

If you are in need of a home inspection, contact Coastal Home Services today. We will visit your property to check the health of your electrical and HVAC.

How Much Does A Home Inspection Cost in NC?

There are many factors that play into how much an inspection will cost you in NC. You must consider things like what kind of inspection you need (electrical, HVAC, plumbing, general, etc.), how big your home is, and what kind of report you want.

Electrical Inspections

An electrical inspection can cost anywhere from $100-$400+ depending on these factors. During the inspection the professional will look at every electrical component of your home including the electrical panel, outlets, switches, and lighting. The inspector will note any issues found in your home and can provide you with a detailed report of the entire system. The inspector will look for things like faulty or old wiring, electrical mistakes done by a previous electrician, or anything that could be a potential fire hazard.

HVAC Inspection

An HVAC professional can provide you with an in-depth report on your heating and cooling system for around $200-$600+. Our professionals will look at both internal and external components of your HVAC system reporting on any issues. The inspector will check the condition of components like your thermostat, heat pump, ductwork, furnace, and air conditioner.

General Home Inspection

A general inspection is necessary to look at the overall condition of the home without going into too much detail about any specific system like HVAC, electrical, or plumbing. A general home inspection will point out if these systems need further inspection from a professional, but do not go into the specifics of system issues. These reports can cost around $400-$500+ depending on earlier mentioned factors.

Contact Coastal Home Services for Home Inspection

If you need your HVAC or electrical systems inspected, contact Coastal Home Services of Morehead City, NC today! Our professionals can provide you with a detailed report of what kinds of repairs your homes systems may need. Fill out the contact form below if you have any questions about the services we can provide you.

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