Electrical Services

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Electrical Services

If you live near the NC coastline and need electrical work done, you can count on Coastal Home Services of North Carolina! Our licensed and insured electrician can take on any task, from simple ceiling fan wiring to whole-home rewiring. As always, we offer a 15 minute response time and our 24-hour emergency service line.

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Our Electrical Work Services

Coastal Home Services has been doing HVAC installation and repair for several decades. In the last few years, we have acquired the licensing to provide electrical repair services. If you live near Morehead City, NC and need HVAC or electrical work done in your home, call Coastal Home Services. Here are just a few of the services that we can provide you at Coastal Home Services.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans require a little bit of electrical rewiring when it comes to replacing the old with the new. If you need to have one or multiple ceiling fans installed in your home, let Coastal Home Services of NC know and we will get on it as soon as possible.

Electrical Panel Repair

When you purchase an outdated home that hasn’t been renovated in a while, you can run into issues like old electrical panels. When an electrical panel is outdated, your homes electrical system can have a higher chance of failure and can also be a fire hazard. Contact us today for electrical panel repair and installation.

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Generator Services

Having a backup power system is something that you don’t realized you need until its too late. Be proactive in preparing for power outages in your area. We offer generator installation services here at Coastal Home Services so that you can be prepared for any issues with your power.

Lighting Services

If you need something as simple as a few lights installed in your house, we can help. We can install wall sconces, track lights, and various light switches in your home. If you have recently purchased new lighting arrangements and would like them installed, please contact us today.

Lighting Installation services

Surge Protector Installation

Surge Protectors can help with preventing power outages and can act as a great insurance for your electrical system. When your homes electrical system has a surge protector installed, you will be at a much lower risk of experiencing power loss, electrical shortages, or in the worst cases, electrical fires.

Outlet Services

Outlets are something that you like to think you could do yourself until you realize how many there are in your home! We can replace outdated outlets in your home with brand new ones. The benefit of having new outlets in your home is the clean new look and longevity of your electrical system.

If you are in need of any electrical service, and you are located near Morehead City, NC, please contact Coastal Home Services. Our main office is located

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Customer Satisfaction is our number one priority, but if you are unsatisfied, we promise to correct any issues related to our work at no cost.

Don’t Risk It. Call an Expert Electrician

When the lights don’t come on and it’s more than just a bad bulb, you need a professional electrician to diagnose and solve the problem. Your home’s electrical system is a complex network connected to many of the components and devices in your home or office.

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