Central AC Running But Not Blowing Air

Why is there warm air coming out of the vents when my AC is on?

With the North Carolina heat, it is especially important to have an air conditioning unit that works properly.  Temperatures rise to uncomfortable conditions inside, and may sometimes feel unbearable.  If the indoor temperature gets too hot, it may actually be bad for your health, as well as the health of your pets and your household electronics.

To ensure that you keep yourself and any pets safe, you will want to address the issue as soon as you can.  Our experts at Coastal Home Services have some tips for when your air conditioner has stopped blowing air while running.  Keep reading to learn more!

Troubleshoot Your AC Not Blowing Air

Unfortunately, most of the time you will not realize you have an issue with your air conditioner until the temperature in your home starts to rise.  Before you start to worry too much, there are some ways to double check your air conditioner is running, but not blowing any air out. The following are some tips to try to solve the problem yourself:

  1. It may sound silly, but double check to make sure your thermostat is on and set to cool.  Especially after the winter and spring months, it is easy to forget to change the thermostat from heat to cool.  Sometimes, after the weather has been mild, you may forget to even turn the thermostat back on.
  2. If the thermostat is on and on cool, what is the temperature set to?  Is it set to a lower temperature than the current interior temperature?  If the thermostat’s setting is not lower than the current temperature in your home, it does not need to continue blowing out cold air to cool everything.
  3. When was the last time you cleaned or replaced the filter to your air conditioning?  Over time, the filter will gather particles like dirt and dust.  In turn, this will cause the filter to clog up and restrict the airflow of your air conditioner.
  4. Do you have any windows or doors open in your home that lead outside?  When you let the outside air and heat into your home, this may cause your air conditioner to struggle.  This will cause the air conditioning to continually run, but will not make much progress in actually cooling down your home.

If none of these methods work, you may have a larger issue at hand.

Little Air Coming Through Vents

If your air filter is clear and your air conditioner still has trouble getting air through to certain rooms, there are ways to help create more airflow to these spaces.  First, make sure that you do not have any furniture blocking the air vents, as this can worsen the problem.  Additionally, you will want to keep the vents clear of any dust.

One of the ways to increase airflow to a specific area is to close the vents in other rooms either partially or completely.  This will cause the air to go directly to the room you wish to cool down rather than the other rooms that do not need any further assistance.

While this may be a great temporary solution, it may not be effective for the long term.  You may want to have an HVAC expert come out to your home – such as one of our certified technicians here at Coastal Home Services – in order to diagnose the problem.  This way, you will not need to worry about constantly closing vents every time it gets warm.

What To Do Next

Man fixing hvacIf you have tried everything to fix your air conditioner but it still does not seem to blow air, you may need to contact a professional to fix the issue.  Many of the issues you will likely encounter when your air conditioner is not blowing out any air include frozen evaporator coils, broken fans, or vent obstruction.  These are only a few of the potential problems that could occur.

Luckily, Coastal Home Services in Morehead City, North Carolina can help.  Our certified technicians have the experience and expertise necessary to get your air conditioning back up and running – no matter what the problem may be.  Contact us today to make sure that your home has its air conditioning functioning as soon as possible – don’t wait until it’s unbearably hot!

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Are you having issues with your air conditioning near the Morehead City, North Carolina area?  If so, reach out to Coastal Home Services today!  With the warm weather rapidly approaching, you do not want to worry about your air conditioning struggling to cool down your home.  Make sure you solve your air conditioning issues by having one of our certified technicians repair it!

You can contact us today by filling out the form below.  Someone will be in touch with you shortly to discuss what is happening with your air conditioning, and to schedule the most convenient time to have a technician come to your home.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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