How do ceiling fans affect my AC system?

Should you turn on ceiling fans with AC?

Keeping your home cool and comfortable throughout the summer is important when you live on the Crystal Coast. We all know just how hot those sunny summer days can get. Many people try everything in their power to maximize the cooling ability of their air conditioning system. Running your AC can get expensive, that is why homeowners try different methods to help their AC systems be more efficient. A common question our technicians are asked by our customers is “do ceiling fans help my AC system?” 


Should you turn on ceiling fans with AC?


When it comes to keeping your house comfortable during the heat of the eastern North Carolina summers, you have a number of tools at your disposal. The most obvious weapon you have to combat the heat is your air conditioning system. The problem with using the AC system to cool your home is that it is costly. Running your average AC unit can cost as much as 40 cents per hour depending on the age and efficiency of your unit. Some homeowners question whether or not turning on ceiling fans will help reduce their electricity bill in the summer.

When you turn on the ceiling fans along with your air conditioning system it helps circulate the conditioned air throughout your home. The increase in circulation reduces the amount of time that your air conditioner has to run to maintain your desired temperature. If you want to keep your home cooler during the summer and reduce your electricity bill, try turning on your ceiling fans. 


Does a ceiling fan help my AC system?


Turning on your ceiling fans in the summer improves the efficiency of your AC system. Fans are much cheaper to operate than your air conditioner and help the air in your home circulate much better. The increased circulation will allow you to turn up your thermostat while still enjoying a cool and comfortable home. Turning up the thermostat will also help you save money on your electricity bill. Fans serve as a great partner for your air conditioning system and should be used throughout the summer to improve the efficiency of your AC unit. 


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