Is heat cheaper than AC?

Is heat cheaper to run than AC?

Everyone wants to save money. One of the biggest recurring expenses for homeowners is their power bill. Air conditioning and heat have a huge impact on how big your electricity bill will be. Many people are curious which is cheaper to run. The question is “is air conditioning more expensive than heat?” is commonly asked. Continue reading below to learn if heat is more expensive to run than air conditioning. 

If you live anywhere in the south, this means that you need a heating and air conditioning system that functions year round and is reliable. Keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter seems to be a never ending battle here on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina. If you’ve been looking for a quality HVAC company that will ensure that your home stays comfortable year round, look no further than Coastal Home Services. Our family owned business has been serving the Crystal Coast for over 13 years and has created a reputation in the community that we are proud of. 


Is heat cheaper to run than air conditioning?

A common question we get asked is in regards to saving money using heat versus air conditioning. We live in a region that ultimately requires both, but many believe that if you set your thermostat to certain temperatures, you may be able to save a dollar or two. A common misconception is that heat uses less electricity than air conditioning. This idea is, in fact, false, and we can explain why. When the unit in your home or business is making heat, it is actually converting electrical energy to heat energy. This creation of energy can be quite costly and that is why it ends up costing more in the long run. To run an air conditioning system, the warm air is being removed from a space and replaced with coolant. If you live in a region where you alternate between heat and air conditioning, a good temperature to set your thermostat to is 68°; you can also set your system to “auto” to switch between the two at this temperature. 


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If you are having trouble with your home’s heat or air conditioning, contact Coastal Home Services today. Our team of friendly NATE Certified HVAC professionals will be more than happy to get to the root of your air conditioning or heating problems and help you keep the interior of your home a nice comfortable temperature during the heat of summer and in the coldest winter nights. Give us a call or fill out the online contact form below to request more information and schedule your complimentary inspection today. 

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