What size mini-split do I need for a bonus room?

What size mini split do you need for a bonus room?

Are you looking to install a mini-split cooling and heating system in your bonus room? Mini-splits are appealing for multiple reasons. These systems save energy, are quieter, and require less cleaning than traditional central units. Coastal Home Services provides various heating and cooling solutions. Whether you are looking for a new system for a singular room or your entire house, we have the answers for you. Before purchasing a mini-split unit, it is essential to know the difference between it and a traditional unit. Read on below to learn if a mini-split is the best option for your bonus room.


What is a mini-spit system?

A mini-split is a ductless cooling and heating unit that relies on heated coils to stabilize the temperature. It has one outdoor unit and one or more indoor units. Unlike a traditional AC system, mini-splits require small units in each room instead of air ducts. These units are small and relatively simple to install. Most people choose HVAC units to regulate their home’s temperature but will add on a mini-split for separated rooms. Some bonus rooms are not easily attached to the rest of the house. They include a separate staircase and often come unfinished. Many splits are also appealing because they allow separate temperature-controlled from each room. 


Best mini-split for a bonus room

Mini-split sizing depends on the size of the room and the age of the house. If you purchase a too-small unit for the room, you will spend too much money on your electric bill. On the other hand, a system too large will cost more money, and the system could fail earlier. A single unit mini-split with installation fees averages in cost around $5,000. The more units you buy, the most expensive it will be. Larger areas also require a unit that produces more BTUs. This system will be cheaper and more efficient than installing ducts into a bonus room located over the garage.


Other places to install mini-splits

In addition to bonus rooms, mini-splits make excellent cooling and heating solutions for garages and basements without ducts. Any single room that does not have wiring for vents already preinstalled will benefit from a mini-split. We recommend these systems for areas that you often use but not all the time. If your bonus room is used as a guest room, a mini-split is excellent because you can turn the system off while guests aren’t over, saving you more money. 


Coastal Home mini-split system installation services 

At Coastal Home Services, we pride ourselves on offering premium cooling and heating services for our neighbors on the crystal coast. Don’t let your bonus room go unheated or without air conditioning. A mini-split provides energy-saving technology that will transform your stuffy room into a comfortable space to enjoy with friends and family. If you have questions or do not know if a mini-split is the best option for you, contact us today and one of our NATE certified HVAC technicians will help you find a solution that will provide you with the air conditioning solution you need at a great price. Give us a call or fill out the online contact form below. One of our friendly team members will be more than happy to assist you. 


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