What size mini-split do I need for a garage

What size mini-split do I need for a garage

Nowadays, garages are used as more than just a place to park your car. They become your workshop, storage space, exercise room, or place for your large dog to hangout. At Coastal Home Services, we offer a wide range of air conditioning solutions for all your home needs. A mini-split is a great stand-alone solution or a supplement to your HVAC system. These units come in different sizes to accommodate various spaces. Don’t suffer in a too hot or cold garage; upgrade your living space with a mini-split today.

If you are interested in installing a mini-split air conditioning unit in your garage on the Crystal Coast, contact Coastal Home Services today. Give us a call or fill out the online contact form to get in touch. One of our friendly NATE certified HVAC technicians will be more than happy to inspect your space and provide you with a mini-split size recommendation as well as a quote for installation. We look forward to helping you turn your garage into an air conditioned oasis. 


What is a ductless mini-split air conditioning system?

Mini-splits are ductless cooling and heating systems that consist of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. These systems are relatively easy to install due to their ductless design. Small units are placed in each room and remove warm air while pushing cold air into the space. Although HVAC units tend to be more popular to control an entire home’s heat, mini-splits make great add ons to rooms that don’t always come with air conditioning, such as garages and bonus rooms. Let’s say you finished renovating your uncompleted basement. Instead of installing another HVAC unit with air ducts, a mini-split system can maintain the new space’s temperature. 


Best mini-split air conditioner size for a two-car garage

It is essential to make sure your mini-split is appropriately sized according to the area it will be heating and cooling. Improper sizes result in inefficient systems. Some people believe the larger the mini-split, the more energy it produces, but this isn’t always the case. A small one-car garage requires a 6,000 or 9,000 BTU mini-split, but the higher the garage’s dimensions, the larger unit is required. Two-car garages require a more powerful mini-split at 9,000 to 12,000 BTU. 


Best mini-split air conditioner size for a three-car garage

Three-car garages range in size from 32 ft by 22 ft to as big as 40 ft to 30 ft. These size variations drastically change the unit specifications. A 15,000 to 18,000 BTU mini-split will fit garages around the size of 32ft by 22ft. The largest garages at over 40 ft need a system between 30,000 or 36,000 BTU. Make sure to know the dimensions of your garage before choosing a mini-split. At Coast Home Services, we provide the best assessment of your cooling and heating needs. Please give us a call if you are unsure what size mini-split air conditioner you need for your garage.


Coastal Home Services Mini-Split Installation Service

Are you tired of sweating or freezing in the garage while using your workspace? A mini-split will solve the problem. Studies also show that mini-splits reduce energy bills by up to 30%. Unlike HVAC units, these systems use calculated algorithms to maintain the desired temperature. Please give us a call and check out our services online and schedule an assessment for your heating and cooling systems. Our team of experts will give you an honest opinion on whether you should invest in a new HVAC unit or a mini-splits unit for your garage.

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