What temperature does it have to be to open the windows in NC?

what does the temperature need to be to open the windows

Nice weather means it’s time to open the windows, but does this save money? Sometimes opening the windows causes your air conditioning or heating system to work harder, spiking the energy bill. No one drives with their windows down with the AC turned on. The same rules apply to homes. At Coastal Home Services, we understand the complicated favors played into opening the windows or using your HVAC unit.

If you are having trouble keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, contact Coastal Home Services today. One of our NATE certified technicians will be more than happy to evaluate your HVAC system and determine the best course of action to ensure that your system can maintain a comfortable temperature. Continue reading below to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of opening the windows in your home.


Air Conditioning vs. Open Windows Which is Better?


Many people believe that opening the windows and turning off the AC will save them money on their next power bill. This theory can be accurate, but it is crucial to know the exceptions. It is common to believe that your air conditioning uses more energy to re-cool your home than let it maintain a cold temperature throughout the day. Fortunately, your AC expends around the same amount of energy to do both. Cracking a window and turning the AC off will save your money in the long run. The exceptions to this are when you live in a humid area. Some people crack their windows at night during the summer and turn off the AC, but the issue with this method is that moist air becomes trapped in your home. The next morning your air conditioning unit will be overworked the next day to compensate for the added moisture in the air.


What temperature does it need to be to open the windows in my house?


If you live in a climate with cool summers, opening the windows is a great option. Remember to make sure your air conditioning is turned off. If you find your house is becoming stuff and hot, close the windows and turn the AC back on. It is better for homeowners who live in regions with hot summers to open the windows during the fall and spring. Open windows allow fresh air to come into the house and increase oxygen levels. Letting air in from outside can greatly improve your health by literally giving you a breath of fresh air.


When should I use air conditioning instead of opening the windows?


There are several times opened windows can cause more damage than good. If your household has allergies or lives in a region with intense pollen seasons, it is a better idea to leave the windows closed. Opening the windows might spark an allergy attack, including itchy eyes and sneezing, in your household. Do not open the windows during the overly humid months. Although the weather might feel great, the added moist air in a house can cause discomfort and stuffiness. If you choose to open the windows during a sweltering month, turning on a fan can circulate the air. Also, remember that not all outdoors have excellent air quality. Houses located in large urban areas might find it more appealing to close the windows and leave on the air conditioning to prevent harmful fumes or smells from entering the home.


Contact Coastal Home Services for all of your HVAC needs


Overall, opening the windows during cold temperatures saves homeowners money. Learning when the best times to open windows will further help your family decide which option is best. Coast Home Services provides various solutions to help your family save money on the next electric bill. Whether you need to install a more efficient HVAC system, or simply need to replace a thermostat, our team can help you. Give us a call today or fill out the online contact form below. We can’t wait to assist you.

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