Why does my HVAC smell?

If you begin to smell something unpleasant or unusual as your HVAC system turns on, you will want to have an expert come into your home and check it out. Try to identify the smell so that you can explain it to a professional when seeking help. There are a few different types of smells that can come from your heating and cooling systems and each has different sources. Describe the smell as best you can to an HVAC technician when speaking with them on the phone.

Common smells that can come from an HVAC system

Any odd odor coming from your system’s vents should not be put off. If the smell is not supposed to be in your home, it means that there is something wrong with your system and it could be damaged. The distinct smell that may be coming from your vents could be one of the following.

Rotten eggs/sulfur: The smell of rotten eggs coming from your HVAC vents can be a sign of a natural gas leak in your system. If you begin to smell this, be sure to contact a professional immediately to have your system looked at as a gas leak can be very dangerous.

Burning odor: The smell of something burning could be the cause of several different factors. Burning rubber, plastic, or dust are all descriptions of smells that can come from your HVAC vents. All of these smells could be a sign of a foreign object in your system, an electrical wiring malfunction, or the burnoff of dust.

Musty smell: if you smell something musty coming from your HVAC vents it could be a sign of Mold or mildew. You will want to have a professional find the source of the smell and have it cleaned up as soon as possible.

How are these smells neutralized?

After you have contacted a professional HVAC technician, he will identify the source of the odor. Depending on where the odor is coming from, the method for neutralizing the bad smell will vary. If there is a burning plastic or rubber smell coming from your system’s vents, a piece of rubber or plastic may have fallen into your unit. The technician will manually remove the object to prevent further damage. If the source of the smell is coming from mold or mildew in your ductwork, they will need to be cleaned. This is not a DIY project as special cleaning tools are needed for this job. When the smell is the effect of a natural gas leak, your technician will find the source of the leak and fix the leak.

Have Coastal Home Fix your HVAC system

At coastal home, we will fix any issues you may have when it comes to strange smells coming from your HVAC system. We offer our services to both residential and commercial properties. We can provide you with the routine HVAC maintenance you need to keep your heating and air system in top condition.

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