Broken air conditioner leaving you in the heat this summer?

It’s hot, humid and muggy here on the Crystal Coast. Air conditioner is crucial indoors during this heat. Is your air conditioner has broken, here are
actions that you should take.

1. Call us immediately at 252-222-0026. Our trained technicians offer emergency service around the clock. We know
how important your air conditioning is in keeping your home comfortable, especially in the heat of the summer on the Crystal Coast. Our emergency or
after hours service will work as hard as we can to help resolve your problem. So, don’t delay, call us first so that we can get to your home to repair your unit
as soon as possible.

2. Shut your blinds and shades. Blocking as much heat (& light from the sun) as possible help every little bit that it can. Close your blinds,
make sure all doors are tightly sealed (avoiding opening doors if possible) and close the curtains and/or shades.

3. After the sun goes down, open the windows and let the heat out and some of the cooler air in. If the temperature outside has cooled down significantly
after the sun has gone down, open a couple of windows to let the hot air from inside out and let some of the cooler air in. Often times, our evenings
here on the Crystal Coast can get cool and reach an enjoyable temperature.

4. Turn on ceiling fans. Make sure your fans are rotating counter clockwise. This directions will pull up the hot air and circulate the
cool air below.

5. Avoid using heat generating appliances. So, don’t use the oven, don’t run the dishwasher until after dark, avoid turning on the dryer (trying
hanging your clothes outside to dry if necessary).

The best way to avoid your air conditioner going out this summer is to have your HVAC unit properly services and routine maintenance performed. If your air conditioner has stopped working or your unit is due for a service, give us a call today at 252-222-0026.

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