Don’t Get Left in the Heat This Summer

Help your HVAC system do its job this summer by properly caring for it each and every day. Below are a few tips that both you and Coastal Home Services
can do to preserve the functionality and lifespan of your system:

1.Invest in a programmable thermostat. You are able to save energy and effort by installing a programmable thermostat, as you are able
to pre-program the temperature to rise when you are at work or asleep, and decrease when you’re at home. Some programmable thermostats allow you to
control the temperature from the comfort of your smartphone – if you are out and about and forgot to adjust the temperature in your home, then you
are able to alter it from afar.

2.Make sure all cooling ducts/open spaces are sealed. All doors and windows should not have any room for air to filter through them. Cracks
in the openings of your home can greatly increase your power bill, and oftentimes you are not aware of tiny drafts happening on a daily basis. Be sure
to seal all openings and areas that are running thin to avoid sending your money (literally) out of the door.

3.Clear the drain. Calling in professional help to maintain your HVAC can oftentimes save you money in the long run. Call a Coastal Home
Services technician to clear out your drain system and increase air flow. A clogged drain can waste just as much money as a dirty filter, as your unit
has to work harder to produce cool air.

Overall, there are many ways to help you stay cool this summer. While there are things you can do as a homeowner to preserve the lifespan of your unit,
calling Coastal Home Services for professional maintenance and repair can help preserve it even longer. Coastal Home Services is located in Morehead
City and is proud to provide services to residents throughout eastern North Carolina including Beaufort, Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, Cedar Point,
Swansboro, Newport, Havelock and more! Give us a call at 252-222-0026 today – we look forward to hearing from you!

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