Enhance Your HVAC’s Durability with Rust Grip

Rust Grip can seal virtually any surface, even rust, with minimal preparation. It is a metallic-based, moisture-cure polyurethane encapsulating coating
designed to coat and seal air, moisture and chemicals out of surfaces.

Rust Grip is ideal for surfaces exposed to extreme elements and for use to encapsulate toxic elements such as lead paint and asbestos. Energy Guard uses
Rust Grip as its primary coating for unpainted galvanized steel HVAC cabinets and components and in use for highly corrosive environments such as industrial

Industry and Coastline Tough – Boasts 15000 hours under ASTM B117 salt spray testing

Versatile – Begins to cure within an hour and protects Aluminum-Steel-Wood-Concrete-Fiberglass-Lead based paint

Fire Protection – Approved as a Class A coating. ASTM E84: Flame Spread of 5

Endurance – 20 year life span conditions and strengthens surfaces to approximately 6780 psi or 478

Here in eastern North Carolina, especially homes and businesses that are located directly on the water are inevitably going to experience corrosion from
the salt water. Corrosion can be easily stopped with the simple application of Rust Grip! Rust Grip pulls moisture from the air and microscopically
swells into the individual pores of the surface material as it hardens. This process seals against any possibility of outside moisture, or minerals
attacking the surface and causing further erosion.

We recommend the Rust Grip encapsulation for any and all HVAC systems that are two years old or newer. To learn more about Rust Grip and why it’s a great
option for your home’s HVAC, give us a call today!

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