It’s Time For Your HVAC’s Spring Tune Up

Spring has arrived and with these warmer temperatures we’ve been having here on the Crystal Coast, you’ve likely already switched your heat off and your
air conditioning on. Now is the time to have your HVAC unit serviced as well as checked for preventative maintenance. The easiest way to avoid costly
repairs and time without an operating HVAC unit is to have your unit checked out at least twice a year (when you switch from heat to A/C and from A/C
back to heat). These routine preventative maintenance checks allow our trained technicians to spot and early signs of problems, repair them and ensure
that your unit is running efficiently.

Over time, the air ducts in your heating and cooling system collect particles like dust, smoke, grease and other biological pollutants like pollen and
pet dander. These particles can cause problems including asthma and allergies in addition to blocking air flow. When your air ducts are not open and
allowing proper air flow, your system will have to work harder which can ultimately impact the longevity of your unit. In addition, this can also cause
your energy bills to increase. This is why regular maintenance in necessary for your HVAC system.

To sign up for our annual service and preventative maintenance plan, click here.

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