Need a new HVAC system? We offer financing!

At Coastal Home Services, we understand the roll that your air conditioning and heat plays in keeping you and your family comfortable in your home. We
also understand how tough it can be when your HVAC system isn’t properly working. HVAC systems can be costly, however they’re an important part of
your home and they’re crucial here in coastal North Carolina. A new HVAC system is also a great way to add value to your home – especially if you plan
to resale in future. It’s likely that purchasing a new HVAC system may have not been in the plans and you may not have the immediate funds to purchase
a new unit for your home.

We’re pleased to now offer financing! Financing is available through Lendmark. Lendmark provides a variety of personal loans, auto loans and retail merchant
sales finance services. They offer personal loans for seasonal purposes, such as vacation, back-to-school and holiday purchases, home repair projects,
unexpected emergency expenses and debt consolidation needs. In our case, they will help you with financing your new HVAC whether it’s in need of an
upgrade or an emergency installation. You can get more information on their website and answers to frequently asked questions by clicking here.

We are also excited to offer a new product that will help your new HVAC system last as long as possible. Rust Grip is a one coat encapsulation solution
that virtually seals any surface. The metallic-based, moisture-cure polyurethane encapsulating coating is designed to coat and seal air, moisture and
chemicals out of surface. This is great for surfaces exposed to extreme elements – in our case the coastal climate here in eastern North Carolina.
Corrosion is inevitable on your HVAC system and it can drastically shorten the life of your unit. With Rust Grip, we can coat your new system to prolong
the life, efficiency and performance of your unit.

To learn more about our available HVAC units and how to select the best unit for your home and your budget, give us a call today!

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