Protect Your HVAC From Rust & Salt Air

Living in coastal North Carolina is nothing short of amazing and we certainly love getting to enjoy the beautiful beaches and ocean and all the activities
they have to offer. However, we understand that living near salt water can mean issues with home systems and extra maintenance.

We’re excited to now offer Rust Grip, a one coast encapsulation that virtually seals your HVAC unit from moisture and anything else in the air that could
become harmful and affect the way your HVAC runs and works. Here in Carteret County, the salt in the air can travel far and affect your HVAC even if
you don’t live on the beach or directly on the water. Salt in the air can cause your unit to rust and deteriorate, therefore forcing you to purchase
a new unit years before you should have to. With Rust Grip, we can guarantee that the life of your unit will be extended by up to 7 years!

We recomend coating your HVAC with Rust Grip if it is two years old or newer for the best results possible. Rust Grip requires minimum preparation and can be done in jus tone day. Call us today to learn more about Rust Grip and protect your HVAC unit from the salt air of the Crystal Coast!

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