Protecting Your Home From Our Coastal Climate

Although summer is soon coming to an end and kids will be going back to school, we’ve still got quite a bit of warm weather left in our future. Fortunately,
the fall season here on the Crystal Coast is moderately warm and our winters aren’t too cold. We likely won’t be switching the air conditioning for
heat for quite some time. How’s your air conditioning been performing this summer?

Did you know that even if your home isn’t waterfront that the area’s bodies of salt water still have an impact on your home and its systems, especially
your HVAC?

Salt from the ocean and the sound are picked up in the air and travel miles away and take a toll on your home’s systems. Your HVAC unit located outside
of your home is probably one of the most affected systems. Made of metal, the salt in the air promotes rust, which can shorten the life of your unit
and cause costly problems. We’ve now got a solution! Rust Grip is a one coat encapsulation solution that virtually seals your unit to prevent the salt
from penetrating the surface so that rust development never begins. Rust Grip is proven to extend the life of your HVAC unit by up to 7 years!

Stay tuned, we’re getting ready to launch a Rust Grip special with the purchase of new Trane units in the month of September! If your home is in need of
a new HVAC unit or just needs a tune up and some maintenance, give us a call today!

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