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The weather is warming up and we’re looking forward to some spring like temperatures in the forecast for the upcoming days! As the weather warms and you
need to start cooling your home, it’s important to ensure that your heating and air conditioning unit is running properly and efficiently.

Call us today at (252) 222-0026 to schedule a spring service and tune up for your HVAC system in eastern North Carolina.
If you live directly on the beach or sound, bi-yearly service is even more important! The salt in the air can drastically impact the operation
and efficiency of your heating and air conditioning unit. Let our experts at Coastal Home Services ensure that your unit is ready and able to keep
your home cool all spring and summer long!

If you heating and air conditioning system is two years or newer, we have a product that we think you would be interested in. Rust Grip is an encapsulation
solution that completely seals your heating and air conditioning unit from outside particles and weather than can impact the operation and cause
rust. Rust Grip not only keeps your unit from rusting and getting damaged but it can extend the life of your heating and cooling unit for UP TO
7 YEARS! The investment in Rust Grip will be well worth the extra years of use and putting off buying a new unit for possibly 7 years longer than
expected. Rust Grip is especially beneficial here on the Crystal Coast where salt air can greatly impact the working ability and efficiency of
your home’s systems. If you’re interested, please contact us today to learn more!

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