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Did you know that your heating and air conditioning unit needs to be serviced each time the seasons change? Here on the Crystal Coast, not only the weather
can impact your HVAC, but also the salt from the ocean and sounds can take a toll on your system. That’s why it’s so important to have your heating
and air conditioning unit serviced when you switch from heat to air conditioning and from air conditioning back to heat. Our annual service and preventative
maintenance plan is a great way to ensure that you unit is properly and efficiently working and to avoid more costly damages and repairs. The best
way to avoid costly repairs is to prevent them from occurring, which is exactly what we do!

Our preventative maintenance plan includes:

  • Bi-annual service maintenance
  • Complete operating system inspection, lubrication, calibration & tuning
  • 24 hour emergency and priority service all year long, no additional charges or fees
  • Exclusive discounts on replacement unit change outs during the contract period
  • Quarterly filter changes

To sign up for your annual service and preventative maintenance plan, click here, scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out
the form. We’ll be in touch to get started and ensure that you won’t be without air conditioning in your home during the heat of this summer!

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