Taking Proper Care of Your HVAC

Often times, people don’t think too much about their heating and air conditioning unit until it isn’t working right. However, it’s important that you perform
preventative maintenance on your unit and get proactive so that you don’t have to worry about your HVAC not working in a time of need.

At Coastal Home Services, we offer an Annual Service and Preventative Maintenance Plan so that you can rest assured that throughout the seasons and temperature
changes, your unit will run properly. As the climate changes, especially here on the Crystal Coast where our summers are super humid, it’s important
to have your heating and air conditioning unit services. Our preventative maintenance plan includes exclusive discounts on unit change-outs, service
maintenance bi-annually, 24 hour emergency and priority service, inspection, calibration, lubrication and tuning of your complete operating system,
quarterly filter changes and more.

With preventative maintenance, not only can our trained technicians perform maintenance to keep your unit running properly and efficiently, but we can
spot any issues that may arise and take care of them before you’re left in the cold – or the heat if it’s summer time. If you would like to get signed
up for our maintenance plan, click here and fill out the form at the bottom of the page!

Should the unfortunate event occur that your heat or air conditioning does go out, don’t sweat it! We’re here to help. At Coastal Home Services, if you
contact us with an emergency, a technician will get back with you in 15 minutes! Even better, our emergency and after hours service is NOT accompanied
by additional rates or fees. We know how important staying comfortable inside your home is. We’re here to help, just give us a call at (252) 222-0026.

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