Tips for Your AC in a Rental

If you have a rental home in Atlantic Beach, we know your AC has been getting a workout so far this summer! We’ve had a few cooler, rainy days and a few
humid, toasty ones, and your air conditioning unit has worked to keep your rental cool and comfortable. To keep it running smoothly, we want to discuss
a few tips for you and your guests to consider when maintaining the lifespan of your rental’s AC unit:

1.Make all information available. Make sure you and your guests are properly informed about maintaining your home and what comes with
it. Leave clear notes about your thermostat and a manual just in case guests were to have questions and you were unable to be reached. Additionally,
make sure you have Coastal Home Services’ contact information available in the unfortunate event of an emergency.

2.Have your unit serviced regularly. Take precautions to avoid inopportune breakdowns in the middle of a hot and humid summer. When you
rent out your beach house, it is important to take all steps necessary to maintain your appliances due to the fact that you most likely will not be
around if something were to go wrong.

3.Install a remote thermostat system. Although your renters may be reliable people, it is always possible to forget to turn off the thermostat
when they leave after their vacation. Having control of your thermostat from any location (like your smart phone) is a great way to preserve energy
and double check to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Owning a rental property at the beach is a great way to earn additional income, especially on the Crystal Coast from Atlantic Beach to Emerald Isle. Making
sure you properly maintain your HVAC unit, however, is another way you can save money in the long run. Give Coastal Home Services a call today to discuss
what you need to do to get your air conditioner checked out! 252-222-0026. We look forward to hearing from you!

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