What does salt air do to your HVAC?

Living on the Crystal Coast is like constantly being on vacation, and we are so thankful to live in such a beautiful place! Whether you live in Beaufort,
Emerald Isle or Atlantic Beach, the cool breeze and salt air is always welcome. However, our HVAC systems think differently.

Salt is a corrosive substance that can absolutely destroy your HVAC. Experts sometimes see systems that should last over 15 years destroyed in less than
five. However, there are some ways to preserve your units and lengthen their lifespan:

First off, we would recommend to place your unit on a side of your house that is away from the water (and wind off of that water, as well). Keeping the
unit uncovered – say, under a deck or enclosure – is key in this case, as rainwater can help rinse your unit of salt buildup.

Secondly, you can hose off your unit throughout the year with a garden hose. However, be sure to turn off the thermostat before you begin rinsing, as your
unit may think you want heat if the water is cold! In addition, schedule regular maintenance calls throughout the year to invest in the longevity of
your unit.

Lastly, when shopping for a new HVAC, check for a warranty or guarantee for coastal residents. And if you can’t find a coastal warranty, shop around for
a salt-friendly unit to get the most out of your HVAC.

As we mentioned previously, living here in Carteret County is a blessing. We have the sandy beaches and salty water right at our fingertips. However, that
salty air and water can really damage our HVAC that we rely so heavily upon to keep our homes and condominiums comfortable and livable. Coastal Home
Services has the experience and the expertise to cater to a coastal home, so be sure to give us a call if you’re looking to replace your current HVAC
or receive maintenance on your current one. Head over to our (newly-refreshed!) website or give us a call at 252-222-0026 today!

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