Winter Weather On The Crystal Coast

Have you seen the forecast for the later part of this week? We’re jumping into a new year with some pretty cold temperatures. And by pretty cold, we’re
talking below freezing. Although it’s not often we see these temperatures this low here in eastern North Carolina, we’re going to have quiet a few
days of serious winter weather this week. Meteorologists are even calling for snow later on this week.

Is your heating system withstanding the freezing temperatures and keeping your home – or business – nice and warm?

Trust, this is not the week to have your heat give out on you! If you’ve been noticing issues with your HVAC and it just doesn’t seem to be running right,
give us a call. Now! Don’t wait until your heat has stopped working and it’s 30 degrees inside of your home. We’re here to help!

At Coastal Home Services, we do provide emergency service around the clock, so just in case you do have an emergency where your heat stops working, we’ll
do what we can to fix it as fast as possible. What’s even better is that our emergency services will work as fast as possible to have your issue fixed!

To get signed up for our annual service and preventative maintenance plan, click here to give us a call today at (252) 222-0026.


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