You May Need A New HVAC Unit If…

If your HVAC unit isn’t working properly, it may be time for replacement. At Coastal Home Services, we know that the comfort of the indoors of your home
heavily relies on your HVAC unit, especially here in eastern North Carolina. We also understand that a new HVAC unit is an investment. Ask yourself
the following questions in regards to your home’s HVAC unit.

1. How old is your HVAC unit?

The most common reason that people are in need of a new unit the the age of their current unit. As your HVAC unit ages, it becomes less efficient and will
require most repairs. With a new unit, you an expect more efficient operation, improved air quality and likely a lower energy bill!

2. How is the humidity level in your home?

If your HVAC unit is not dehumidifying as it should, it may need replacement. As units age, they are less able to operate correctly – which includes removing
humidity from the air inside your home. Test the humidity level in your home and give us a call if your home’s air has higher humidity than normal.
Normal indoor humidity should be around 40 to 50%.

3. Is your HVAC operating poorly, inconsistently or having to work harder than usual?

Poor performance can include anything from strange noises, leaking fluids, unusual smells, inconsistent temperature, to an increased energy bill.

If it seems like your HVAC unit may need to be replaced, give us a call to find out about our solutions and how we can provide financing for you.

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