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Welcome to Coastal Home Services, your premier provider of plumbing solutions in Morehead City, NC, and the surrounding areas, including Beaufort, Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, and others. We specialize in fixing faulty sump pumps in your plumbing system to ensure that your home’s plumbing functions efficiently and smoothly.

Sump pump repair involves fixing and restoring the functionality of a crucial device designed to prevent basement flooding. When a sump pump malfunctions, it can jeopardize the safety and integrity of a property by allowing water accumulation. Skilled technicians with expertise in sump pump systems diagnose the issue, address mechanical or electrical failures, and ensure that the pump is efficiently pumping water away from the building, providing peace of mind and safeguarding against potential water damage.

Sump Pump

Why do sump pump malfunctions occur?

Sump pump malfunctions can occur due to various reasons. Some common causes include:

  1. Power outages: When the power goes out, the sump pump may fail to operate, leaving the basement vulnerable to flooding.
  2. Mechanical issues: Over time, components such as the impeller, motor, or switch can wear out or become clogged with debris, hindering the pump’s performance.
  3. Improper installation: If the sump pump is not installed correctly, it may not function optimally or may fail prematurely.
  4. Incorrect sizing: If the sump pump is not appropriately sized for the basement’s needs, it may struggle to handle excessive water volume or continuously run, leading to breakdowns.
  5. Float switch problems: The float switch is responsible for activating the pump when water reaches a certain level. Malfunctioning or misaligned float switches can disrupt the pump’s operation.
  6. Lack of maintenance: Regular maintenance, such as cleaning the pump and checking the discharge pipe, is crucial for preventing malfunctions. Neglecting maintenance can lead to blockages or deterioration of components.

To minimize the risk of sump pump malfunctions, it is important to invest in a quality pump, ensure proper installation, conduct routine maintenance, and have a backup power source in case of power outages.

How we Fix a Faulty Sump Pump

We employ several techniques to effectively repair sump pumps. Firstly, we thoroughly inspect the pump and its components, checking for any visible damage or blockages. Clearing any debris or clogs from the impeller, float switch, or discharge pipe is a crucial step. If necessary, we replace faulty components such as the motor, switch, or check valve. Testing the pump’s operation by manually triggering it or pouring water into the sump pit helps us ensure proper functionality. Finally, we ensure proper reinstallation and perform a comprehensive check to guarantee that the sump pump is working optimally. Our expertise and experience enable us to employ these techniques efficiently and restore the sump pump’s functionality reliably.

Why Choose Coastal Home Services for your Sump Pump issues and repair?

At Coastal Home Services, our professional plumbing team uses proven techniques to identify sump pump issues and repair them.

We provide 24/7 emergency plumbing services to ensure our customers get the sump pump help they need quickly. Our team of licensed and insured professionals are committed to providing excellent plumbing services. 

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