What causes electrical outlets to spark?

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Are you worried about the occasional spark coming from your electrical outlets? Have you seen it happen, but haven’t been sure what might be causing it? Fortunately, there are several common explanations for why your electricity might be sparking – and in most cases it’s nothing too serious. Whether you’ve got sparks every now and again or a consistent problem with electrical outlets sparking, knowing the causes and understanding proper safety precautions is key to making sure all wiring in your home stays secure. We’ll take a closer look at why outlets spark and provide helpful advice for steps you can take if sparking occurs in your home’s outlets.

Causes for Sparking Electrical Outlets

Outlets are an integral part of our homes, allowing us to use necessary appliances. Unfortunately, sometimes these outlets can spark when you plug something into them. Electrical outlet sparking can be caused by several factors, each of which can range from minor damage to more serious issues. 

Most commonly, you will see a spark when the plug and the outlet connection have nearly touched.  This is because most electrical systems run on circuits – these outlets are found along those circuits.  The electrical current from the circuit can jump across the gap between the plug and the outlet, causing the spark.

A spark sometimes occurs when the outlet’s wiring or internal components create an improper connection. This could include a loose outlet cover that is not properly connected to the outlet box, corrosion on outlet wiring, or even faulty outlet hardware.

The outlet could be shorted from extended exposure to water or from age; friable wire connections, pinched wiring, worn outlet faces, and reversed or missing outlet covers can all lead to sparking. Older electrical systems usually suffer from aging and degradation, which can cause loose connections and sparking outlets.

Additionally, sparks at outlet boxes can come from electrical failure such as overloads caused by one device drawing more power than the outlet is designed for. This incident will typically occur when many electronic devices are simultaneously connected to a single outlet.

Should You be Worried if Your Outlets Spark?

Electrical outlets are essential in powering your everyday devices and appliances, so it’s important to pay attention when they start acting strange. When these sparks are caused by a jump in the circuit, it is not necessarily something to worry about.  However, if your outlets are older, they may be more likely to short circuit – which puts them at risk of electrical fire.  If water gets on the outlet, this can also cause it to short circuit.

However, if there are any unusual smells or appearances when the outlet sparks, then it should raise some concern.  This could mean your outlet is at risk of short circuiting or causing an electrical fire.

While small sparks may not necessarily pose an immediate danger, you should always consult a professional electrician if you’re unsure of how to address any electrical issues. Keep in mind that sparks can also be caused by overloaded outlet circuits, so be sure to limit the number of electrical items plugged into single outlets. Taking these precautions can help ensure your safety and reduce the risk of sparking outlets in your home or workplace.

Fixing Sparking Electrical Outlets

If an outlet starts to spark or smoke, the best thing to do is shut off power to the outlet by either shutting off the breaker associated with that outlet or unplugging any appliances from the outlet. Electrical outlets should never be tinkered with if there is any visible sign of water or damage around them. It is important to ensure that the power to the outlet is off, by turning off its circuit breaker before attempted repairs.

Although it may be tempting to attempt to tackle the outlet yourself, working with electricity can be dangerous and should be done by someone who is certified and experienced. Electricians have the expertise and know-how to identify an outlet issue and repair or replace it quickly and safely. A professional can open up the outlet panel safely without fear of injury or further damage that could put your home at risk. Having an outlet fixed by a qualified electrician will ensure that your outlet is properly protected against future sparking incidents. Outlet repairs should never be taken lightly so always consult with a professional if you suspect outlet-related problems in your home or office.

Contact Coastal Home Services

Although it may be alarming when your outlets start sparking, in most cases it is not something you need to worry about. More likely than not, the reason for your sparking outlets is due to a difference in voltage. If you have ruled out causes like damaged cords or overloaded circuits and are still experiencing sparking, you might want to consider contacting a professional.  If you are located near the Crystal Coast of North Carolina, contact us here at Coastal Home Services.  Our expert team is prepared to help you with all of your electrical needs, including sparking outlets.

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